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Two good websites regarding PayPal's privacy and security policies. abides by them.


Some of our customers most popular questions are posted below.

If you have a question please e-mail us at

and we will respond ASAP.

Q. Is the site secure ?
A. We are proud to be a PAYPAL® associate. Not only does this give us the ability to bring to you a web site that is navigated very easily, but we have the advantage of PAYPAL's security. We sure you will find us more secure than the vast majority of web sites on the Internet.

Q. Do you offer tee shirts other than "heat transfer" - and what exactly is a heat transfer vs screen print?

A. Currently we offer heat transfer tee-shirts. Each print is uniquely designed and then transferred via a special heat press to your tee-shirt, whether on back or front. Due to the one-to-one orders we receive, we offer this to our customers because screen printing would be cost-prohibitive for our customers preferring the unique designs of jeepbase. Our designs cannot be duplicated with screenprinting. The inks are literally heat blasted onto the cotton/poly tee to insure a lasting adhesion to the cloth. We ask that the tees be washed in cold water to insure this permanency.

Q. Why do you only offer tee shirt prints utilizing "heat transfer" - and why only in white and ash gray?

A. Silk-screening involves bulk production and is costly. JeepBase is a business that caters to an extreme niche market, and has opted to produce designs without the overhead of silk-screening processes. Most high-end teeshirts with these graphics would cost our customers over 50% more than we charge, for a heat-transfer. Due to the nature of heat-transfer prints, we also opted for brilliancy of the graphics, which would be lost on non-white backgrounds. If you are seeking a silk-screened teeshirt, we make no apology for not producing them. The teeshirts are heavyweight cotton/poly - such as " Beefy-Tee". JeepBase insures the highest quality product within these parameters - and we always wish to make our customers aware that we produce heat-transfer on heavyweight cotton/poly. What our customers are getting is a unique product.

Q. Will you offer tee shirts other than "heat transfer" - such as silk-screen ?

A. Currently we offer only heat transfer tee-shirts. We plan on taking many of our popular designs and manufacture silk-screened teeshirts in the near future. We will let our customers know when this is possible - and also welcome questions about any of these matters BEFORE you buy. Since 1998, when our products began being designed and shipped, we have attempted customer satisfaction based upon being truthful about exact descriptions of our Products on JeepBase as well as on our other websites we have offered in the past.

Q. How long does it take for my order to ship?
A. Generally all orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks, depending on the item. International Orders may take longer, depending upon the postal speed of your country. Our custom T-shirts are made to order and usually take 3-4 weeks to ship. Special instances such as anniversaries, birthdays etc., - you simply have to e-mail us to alert us to your specific time frame. Please read to description on each individual item. We create your Order per person.
If you wish you may e-mail us during this process to be advised of the status of each order as it works its way through our preparation and shipping.

We can ship express depending on the item and availability - please e-mail us to expedite this at your convenience. However the costs of express shipping must be communicated within your Order with PayPal® - please e-mail us before you place a Request for Express Shipping.

Q. What types of Payment do you accept?
A. Through PAYPAL® Therein, we accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards.
Also, personal checks and money orders may be used, however please set this up with us via e-mail

Q. Do you keep my credit card on hand?
A. No. All credit information is strictly handled through PAYPAL®.
jeepbase has no records of your credit or financial information. All we receive is your shipment information, and payment receipt.

Q. Do you accept checks or money orders?
A. Yes we do. Please e-mail your requests and we keep this confidential.
Please make sure that you indicate the shirt you want, number, size, or any other explanatory remarks.

Q. I would like to know if your tees are 'screenprint' or 'iron-on'?
A. All of our tees are 'heat transfer'. However, they are professionally imprinted and we insure their highest quality - both in the actual tee shirt as well as the imprint. Screenprinting involves manufacturing multiples of the same tee-shirt, and at jeepbase we prefer the one-on-one service, as well as the graphics we produce, which cannot be duplicated using screenprinting.

Q: What if I am uncomfortable giving my credit information over the Internet?
A: We understand. Even though our shopping cart is on a secure server, many of our customers
prefer to order by phone, or e-mail.

You can contact us at
We can set up an address or shipping details that meet with your privacy. Please include a check or money order as per verbal agreement. Sorry, we cannot accept C.O.D orders. If you wish an order form you can print and send us -- please e-mail us.

Q: Do you ship orders C.O.D?
A: Unfortunately, due to the high cost of unclaimed shipments, we can not offer C.O.D. service.

Q. Does jeepbase do custom work for a club or a specialized logo or personal Jeep ?

A. Yes. E-mail me about it. We will discuss your needs.

Q. Why does jeepbase exist ?
A. To promote a sense of history, Pride in America and to rekindle a light that was began in 1941, with the Willys and of course, with our ongoing love of America's great offroad vehicle, Jeep®.

Q. Why is jeepbase interested in other American cars, such as Ford and Chevys ?
A. Classic cars are classic cars - vehicular design is eternal. We offer other designs to promote a sense of history among the younger people on the internet as well as to offer good graphic design to the public. " Lest we forget our heritage."

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There will be no cookies collected, or any E-mails sent to any other entity or collection whatsoever.

The images and the tee-shirts are for the sole purpose of entertainment and club activities for Military and Jeep fans, including historical buffs and enthusiasts.

The graphic content herein is original in context and design, and adheres to specifications of logos and other graphics promoted by military and vehicular entities, but in no manner are endorsements of said entities.

Communications are gladly accepted and compliance will be guaranteed.

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