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BIO VITAE : M A J O R J e e p

Designer/Owner of JeepBase.com


FROM Eglin AFB, NW Florida

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Major Jeep was educated at the University of California, Los Angeles.

A UCLA Bruin through and Through.

Main Program of Study included Military Sciences,

Computer-Aided Design and Eastern European History.

Having earned a commission from the USAF ROTC,

Mr. Major Jeep forwarded his career

afterward within the realm of the USAF.

Thereafter, earning degrees in Architecture and

Modern European Intellectual History, also having earned

2 separate Masters Degrees, within those fields, and thus thrust his career

into the blue yonder as a Graphic Designer.

Currently engaged with spiritual development, the Joy of Jeepin'

and Law Enforcement.

The Major is part Dutch and part Swedish - but this does not matter.

The Major likes Country Music, and in fact, ALL music.

Artistic influences include mere observation of the universe,

along with Mozart. Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein.

I miss my FSJ, 1988 Wagoneer Colorado Red, Limited:: Wood Sided.

I now proudly own a 1991 FSJ Cherokee Laredo - White -

with custom paintjob to make it look like a USAF Thunderbird

I am currently seeking a very nice old Jeep to be with.

I have owned many "Jeep" in my life.

Jeep is a singular word - no such thing as "Jeeps".

There is only Jeep,

but I work in Law Enforcement, now. and Intelligence.

MAJOR Jeep HAS been a site designer and graphic artist for a long while.

My personal and business e-mail is majorthunderbolt@yahoo.com

Mr. Jeep also manages under Webring.Com the following Webrings:

Earth:Jeep, Willys, Jeep Restoration,


:::::::::: c o n c e i v e d  &  c r e a t e d  b y MajorJeep::: e-mail me for questions, inquiries or ideas.

this site is neither endorsed nor produced by,

nor in affiliation with:


or U. S.  Department of Defense or any military entity whatsoever.
This site is for informational and Jeep and Military enthusiasts/clubs purposes only.

:::::General Jeep.com::::In Memorial:: <::::: in Honor, Respect and Loving Memory of my Mother :::::>
May her soul be soaring across the heavens in an F-15E and her poetry.

AND for my many brothers who have given The Ultimate Sacrifice,

from Vietnam to Iraq. and Afghanistan--

from here, to eternity -- for The United States of America.

-- recited by the Angels


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